How To Use a Car Lift? Important Tips and Tricks

Car Lift

A car lift is one of the pieces of equipment to possess if you want to operate a successful auto repair center. This equipment makes your repair and maintenance jobs easy and efficient. Car lifts can be employed to raise the vehicles in your shop to a certain altitude. Car jacks can also be used for the same purpose. However, these have a higher risk of danger, as the possibility of cars sliding off the jacks cannot be ruled out. Although car jacks are much cheaper, they cannot lift a vehicle to the same height as a car lift. On the other hand, car lifts are much safer and easier to use than jacks and can provide a wider range of accessibility for repair. They also facilitate higher visibility of the bottom side of the vehicle, thus saving you time on repair work. A car lift can also facilitate more room to accommodate other vehicles in your repair shops.

Safety Measures:

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As with any other machinery inside your mechanic shop, car lifts should be used after implementing certain measures for safe operation. Using car lifts without the necessary safety measures might result in your car falling, resulting in serious injury to the person standing below, and damage to the property. The first thing to consider carefully before purchasing a car lift is its weight limit. Choose your car lifts based on the cars or the kind of vehicles that comes into your shop on a daily basis. Periodic maintenance of your car lift is also crucial for optimum and safe performance. Choose your manufacturers based on their commitment to creating a safe environment for the customers. Enquire whether they provide regular checkups or maintenance works for their car lifts. Before buying a car lift for your mechanic shop, ensure that you have at least one qualified professional with the necessary experience to handle its operations. Some variations of the car lifts in the market are quite hard to handle and therefore require adequate experience. This is a critical factor in the safe operation of a car lift, as minor mistakes can cause huge hazards.


To lift a car with your newly acquired car lift, slowly drive the vehicle into the lifting platform, shift the gear to neutral and lock the doors. Make sure there are no overhead installations in your shop or on the car. After securing the wheels of the vehicles to the respective points in the car, elevator arms fasten them and confirm that the car is stable. After the confirmation, initiate the lift. Once the car is lifted to the required height, you can proceed with your maintenance work. It is also vital to make sure that there is no future impact on the car lift after it has been raised. In order to safely lower the car after the maintenance work, ensure that there is nothing present underneath the platform.