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Chris!!!!! I just wanted to tell you that Taylor has started his first semester (Spring 2016) as a guitar major at The Berklee College of Music. He could'nt have done it without you guys, Thanks!!

Karen R. -Lakewood, OH

Hi Chris- I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that Hope had Rick Gleason for her first piano teacher. She has finally started with a new teacher out here in AZ, after a long music-free summer. Her new teacher seems fairly stiff and totally grilled her last week to see what level she is - I was blown away by the amount of theory she knew! Hope speaks fondly of Rick & obviously really connected with him. Please tell him how grateful we are and that Hope misses his lessons! I hope you're all well back in Lakewood - we miss it!

Mara C. -Phoenix, AZ

Hey Chris- I just wanted to send a sincere thank you again for the lessons we had together.I'm playing a rock opera of Macbeth in Medina, it just kinda fell in my lap last minute. I was handed a piano score with lots of rhythmic , tempo, and key changes (a lot of them) a week until opening night, and have had no problems with it thanks to you. Great work giving back to the local music scene. Thank You,

Jeff D. -Lakewood, OH

Hey Chris- Just wanted to let you know that Tony won the "Director's Award" last night at the end of the year band concert. This award is given to the student who is an exceptional musician, demonstrates leadership, and all-around team player, and Tony won it as a freshman! While many of these attributes and props go to Tony, we are grateful to your studio and specifically Dave Kasper, who has been an excellent model for Tony. We know that having such a passionate, motivated teacher who is diversified in his music has been a great benefit to our son. We are glad we have such a fine service available in our home town!

-Jim H. -Lakewood, OH

Just have to say it again. OMG! Bands kicked butt on Saturday night. The chit chat around the club was all positive. And it was a packed house. Yeah! You deserve all the praise for putting this together. George and I thank you for giving Louis such a positive and cool opportunity.

-Cindy S. -Lakewood, OH

Just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with the bands we heard Saturday night at the Winchester. What an experience! We had well over a dozen friends and family present and they were equally impressed. Although our grandson has taken lessons for just a little more than a year, the instruction by VMS is amazing. He so enjoys his lesson time and "loves" being in the band. Thanks to Joe for his patience and high quality of instruction and to Chris for getting him into a band as quickly as he did after finding out he wanted to be in one. Your studio is high quality and certainly head and shoulders above the studios we had looked into. Congratulations on a fantastic job of training these young musicians.

-Karen R. -Avon, OH

You have been fantastic in preparing him for his jazz band and music theory classes along the way--and I believe that it has been your guidance and skill as a teacher that has increased his love of music enough to pursue it as a degree in College. Thank you, Chris!

-Ruth K. -Lakewood, OH

Absolutely stunned last night by the performance at the Winchester. I am so proud of all the boys. They sounded awesome. Especially the Nirvana song, I still have the spinning in my head. Polished, balanced, etc.. The backup vocals were awesome, it brought more energy to the stage. Elliott has obviously been working on his lead playing... was very impressed with him. Riley is showing his personality and confidence on stage.. love that too. Matt did great on Funk 49... loved THAT song too... crowd seemed to like it too. I can truly say they were a "band" and were less dependent on one person.

The only way all that happened was the kids did their job and they followed your guidance. Thanks for all the care and time you take with our kids. I am very proud that Matt is instructed by you guys. What a gift.

-Joe K. -Lakewood, OH

We really enjoy our lessons at Vance Music Studios and think very highly of our instructors.

-Mitzi T. -Westlake, OH

My son loves J Blues and really looks forward to and enjoys coming to his lessons. Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to work with him!!

-Christine S. -Lakewood, OH

The online payment option is SO easy to use, and a lot more convenient than mailing a check. Thanks!

-David S.- Lakewood, OH

Just wanted to say that your website is awesome and very professional. It is really convenient to make my tuition payment. Thanks... I also enjoy my drum lessons every Sunday - I look forward to it. The instructor is not only talented but great teacher.

-Wendy W.- Lakewood, OH

Kurt did an absolutely splendid job on my guitar. The action is similar to that of the ultra-expensive Martins & Gibsons that I only dream of owning. I can easily play bar chords way up on the neck that I used to struggle to do before Kurt worked on it. Wow! I almost feel sad that I'm gifting it to my youngin' for his birthday in two weeks. It should now be easy enough for his slight hands and fingers to play.

Pls tell Kurt that his work is well worth the "price of admission" and I will recommend him\VMS to all the other gitfiddler friends of mine, and I know a lot of 'em!

-Tom C. Westlake, OH

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the valuable lessons we had together. Since returning to the Detroit area, I'm a part time student in my third semester in the music program at Macomb Community College. I specifically recall our sessions studying intervals and you told me I'd thank you someday for these studies. Back when I took theory 1 and intervals were introduced to us, I was amazed how advanced I was compared to my fellow students, not only with intervals but my overall knowledge of theory. My time at Vance Music Studios proved to be extremely advantageous!

Aside from my music studies, My band MUTHALAND continues to play out on a regular basis performing not only in night clubs, but private parties and corporate events as well. Again I have to give you much credit for the advancement of my funk/R&B style I contribute as the bassist for MUTHALAND.

I wish you and Vance Music Studios continued success and when I'm back in Cleveland I hope you can find time to squeeze in a session for me.

-Michael M.- Detroit, MI

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