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Vance Music Studios Programs

Private Lessons

Lessons are scheduled at the same time each week. 30 minute and 60 minute lessons are available. These are one on one sessions with the chosen instrument instructor. The material worked on is based on each individual students needs, interests, goals, school/audition requirements, and/or their amateur or professional musical obligations (i.e. garage band, church group, etc.)

Young Student Lessons

These lessons are for students age 5 through 9-12. These are 30 minute sessions scheduled at the same time each week and are also one on one sessions with the instructor; emphasis is usually on piano but guitar and drums are also available options. Young student lessons incorporate methods and techniques designed for kids. Games, puzzles, listening and response activities, play with musical toys, and other activities in conjunction with instrumental instruction are employed as musical learning devices. The goal is to keep the child's interest throughout the session, create a strong musical foundation, and keep it fun. We encourage each child to explore music in different ways and from different perspectives in order to find the best way to enjoy music individually. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to attend these sessions.


Ensembles meet at the same time each week for 60 minutes. Ensemble size is limited to 1-3 players per instrument in order to maximize playing time. Each of these groups are assembled based on style, age, ability, and interest. Students must be enrolled in private lessons in order to participate (students enrolled at Vance Music Studios receive a discounted rate). Students who like the same styles of music and are approximately the same age and ability level will be put in the same group. Coaching for existing groups also falls into this category. Coaches will be made up of faculty at Vance Music Studios. Concerts will be held on a regular basis throughout the year in public and/or professional venues. Vance Music Studios Ensembles include:

Summer Camps

During the summer months we schedule a few weeks of Summer Camps. Camps run Monday through Friday of the given week from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Based on demand, topics will include Rock, Jazz, Classical or Specific Instruments.


Guitar Repair

Professional guitar repair and setup by Kurt Wright.

Retail Sale

Books and accessories that compliment the lessons.

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