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Kurt Wright - Guitar Repair


We are pleased to announce Mr. Kurt Wright as our 'on premises' guitar repairman. Many of you may know Kurt from his near 40 years of experience as a guitar repair expert in the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio regions. Kurt began at an early age, taking guitar and bass lessons from Carl Palifico out of DiFiore's Music House on Lorain Avenue, from grade school through high school. Kurt has always found his experience as a player to be invaluable as applied to repair work, aiding his concept of how to make the instruments he works on reach their full potential.

During high school Kurt came into contact with his first repairman - Mr. Lori at the Rickenbacker Shop on West 32nd & Lorain - when the head stock of his Mayfair tenor banjo broke. Kurt relied on this instrument in the polka/wedding band he played in at the time, and was fascinated by Mr. Lori's knowledge and occupation. This meeting proved to be very influential in Kurt's subsequent interest in repair work.

At the age of 22 Kurt found himself working at DiFiore's as a guitar repairman. At the time information was scarce as to the many operations & procedures to correctly do most repairs. This caused Kurt to become voracious in his appetite for experience, knowledge, and ability. His next step was to The Music Connection in Strongsville, where he was employed from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s. When The Music Connection closed, Kurt opened a repair shop under his own name as Wright Lutherie in front of Innovations Recording Studios in Strongsville. In 1984 the studio closed, forcing Kurt to yet again strike out on his own. With the help of two patrons (to whom Kurt will always be grateful), the first Wright Guitar appeared on Pearl Road near route 82 in Strongsville. In 1993 Kurt moved Wright Guitar to Lakewood Heights Blvd. in Lakewood, where it remained for 17 years as a stand-alone fretted instrument service shop.

In 2007, Kurt & Chris Vance decided it would be mutually beneficial to set up a repair shop at Vance Music Studios. Needless to say, things have been operating without a hitch ever since.

At Vance Music Studios we are proud to say that you will have Kurt's four decades of repair experience as well as a depth of practical playing experience, a wealth of historical information, and a deep love of the guitar, bass, and all of their cousins in the fretted (and some frettless) family. And due to the fact that the shop is in Vance Music Studios, Kurt's full attention will be on repair work!

Mr. Wright's expertise has been honed in knowing how an instrument should actually play, and keeping such instruments in good structural repair. Restorations, re-frets, and any work involved with making an instrument play correctly are his specialties. With the assistance of Master Woodworker and Instrument builder Guy Hlynowsky, and the magnificent artistry of paint-man Norm Issaac, there's not much that cannot be accomplished in this professional shop. Mr. Wright is also involved in installing the Buzz Feiten Tuning System on any electric guitars. This system represents the best advancements that Kurt has come across in all his years of playing fretted instruments. He is also working on seminars regarding instrument care & maintenance; Vance Music Studios will soon be offering a course to those interested in performing regular maintenance on their own instruments. Anyone interested should contact the school to get their name on a waiting list. We are looking forward to having many good things develop from this collaboration, and we hope to hear from Kurt's old and new customers alike!

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